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How to Land Your First Data Science Job

Are you ready for a career shift within the IT field? The area of data science has received increasing attention in recent years, especially as demand for advanced technologies has taken precedence at companies around the world. However, if you’re new to the data science sector, you’ll likely need to strategize a game plan for your job search. Fortunately, there are ways to increase your marketability and gain positive traction with employers. Here are some tips for how to land your first data science job:

Showcase your education.

To obtain a data science position (especially for advanced jobs or leadership roles), you must have a master’s degree or doctorate degree. According to The State of Data Science 2021, 68% of data science professionals have a college-level degree. Many competitive candidates have degrees in various science-related fields, such as computer science, statistics, physics, mathematics, and applied math. As a candidate, it’s important to discuss your educational credentials during interviews to showcase your expertise and the technical skills that make you qualified to work in a data science role.

Build a portfolio.

Developing a comprehensive portfolio showcasing your work is one of the most important parts of a data science job search. However, a compelling portfolio does not necessarily need to be extensive, but rather reflective of your technical abilities and expertise. A data science portfolio can consist of a series of small projects that demonstrate your capabilities and qualifications. Typically, a portfolio website is the best way to present your work to employers. This will also serve as digital resume which can you send to employers or industry colleagues.

Promote your expertise online.

To expand your employment options and get noticed by potential employers, consider heavily showcasing your marketability on a professional networking site like LinkedIn. Through meaningful posts and engagement (such as sharing industry articles or connecting with industry professionals), you can proactively promote your technical qualifications and experience, as well as write about your work. A weekly or monthly blog post about your data science projects or recent discoveries in the field will pave the way for increased industry credibility and greater traction from hiring managers and recruiters.

Tap into IT industry groups.

The highly specialized nature of data science jobs makes targeted networking very critical for your job search. Joining IT industry groups and attending professional development events or conferences can help you build your professional network by connecting with employers and possible mentors. Industry groups can also expose you to new opportunities that may enhance your career prospects, such as training programs or career fairs, which can improve job search outcomes.

While landing your first data science job may be challenging, taking the steps above will put you on the path to career success. From expanding your network to learning about the latest developments in the data science field, you’ll get closer to obtaining employment in this growing and exciting sector of the IT industry.

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