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How to Find Machine Learning Specialists for Your Company

As demand for machine learning experts continues to rise, many employers are scrambling to fulfill these roles. However, while there may be machine learning experts on the market, many of these candidates are unfortunately underqualified and inexperienced. Here are two of the most effective ways to find machine learning specialists with the necessary skills and credentials to excel within your organization:

Hire internally and provide training. When it comes to finding new talent, sometimes hiring from within – and providing training to current employees – allows you to groom existing talent to fulfill machine learning roles. Hiring employees internally for these roles can come with several benefits, such as reduced hiring costs associated with recruitment and promoting jobs. Also, current employees trained for machine learning positions within your company will often have an easier transition into their new roles. Because they are already fully acclimated with your company’s workplace culture, practices, and protocols, they’ll experience a smoother transition into their jobs, requiring less preliminary training or supervision.

Work with a specialized IT staffing firm. Enlisting the services of a specialized IT staffing firm can be a tremendous asset to your workforce development. Staffing firms can efficiently source, vet, and hire machine learning specialists in a timely manner. Specialized recruiters have the expertise to facilitate an expedited hiring process through their vast networks and advanced applicant tracking systems. This allows qualified candidates to be recruited in a quick timeframe, allowing you to fill vacancies and ensure a steady stream of candidates for your openings. Also, if your company frequently has varying hiring needs throughout the year, a staffing partner can find candidates to fill temporary roles on a regular basis.

Additionally, there are many IT industry groups and organizations that can be a resource for finding top machine learning candidates. Through these outlets, you can tap into a network of many skilled and experienced professionals with the necessary qualifications to work at your company.

With these two key hiring strategies, you can find qualified machine learning specialists to fulfill your workforce needs. Most importantly, you’ll keep up with the demands of your company without incurring unnecessary costs or compromising the management of your current team.

If you’re in search of machine learning candidates, get in touch with the recruiting experts at Cullerton Group, an IT and engineering staffing firm serving markets nationwide.

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