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IT Industry Staffing Trends Expected in 2022

Does your company have a strategy for workforce growth in 2022? With the IT industry evolving at a rapid rate, employers that adapt their staffing practices to global changes will better navigate ongoing obstacles that continue facing the hiring and recruitment space. As your organization prepares its workforce in 2022, here are some of the top staffing trends you can expect for 2022:

Focus on employer branding

The concept of employer branding has become more prevalent in recent years and has driven the need for companies to further invest in their workplace cultures. The more a company can uniquely showcase its brand as an employer, the easier it will be to attract top candidates and retain existing staff. Effective employer branding is done through a variety of ways, including multifaceted marketing, culture-building, and appealing benefits packages.

Continued rise of remote work

There continues to be an emphasis on remote work, especially as those in the IT industry have become accustomed to virtual work options during the pandemic. IT employers must embrace remote work by implementing cultural practices that foster productivity, morale, and high performance with employees doing their jobs virtually. Most importantly, remote work has resulted in the need for employers to focus more on cybersecurity measures to protect their employees and company data.

Valuing upskilling employees

With the IT staffing shortage continuing to impact companies across the U.S., it’s never been more critical for employers to invest in upskilling or investing in their current employees’ skills and abilities. The implementation of training and development for staff and fostering a “culture of learning” from within will remain paramount as employee retention becomes even more important. Companies that provide their employees with the professional development tools and knowledge to reach their greatest potential will maintain a stronger, more robust workforce even in the midst of staffing challenges.

These are just some of the trends that we can expect to continue seeing from the IT industry in 2022. IT employers that invest in their people and organizational practices will be able to achieve the most favorable hiring and recruitment outcomes.

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