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Why You Should Choose a Technology-Driven Staffing Firm for Your Company

Why You Should Choose a Technology-Driven Staffing Firm for Your Company

Is talent development currently a struggle at your company? If you’re like many employers, you’ve probably discovered that it’s time to explore partnering with a staffing firm to help your HR team with the hiring process. However, when it comes to choosing a staffing partner, it’s important to consider firms that integrate modern-day technologies within their recruiting practices. Here are some of the many reasons why you should choose a technology-driven staffing partner:

Better tracking of high-quality candidates

Recruiting firms that utilize advanced applicant tracking software (ATS) platforms are generally better equipped for identifying potential and prospective candidates who are most aligned with your company’s hiring needs. The newest types of ATS platforms enable recruiters to track talent through a variety of channels, such as chatbots, social media, email marketing and other online avenues. One of the biggest advantages to this software is that it allows recruiters to collect vital information from jobseekers, as well as easily engage with candidates, research their credentials and schedule interviews.

More cost-effective and efficient staffing

When a company experiences increasing staffing demands, new talent is often needed as quickly as possible. Staffing firms with comprehensive client relationship management (CRM) systems can often find top quality candidates quickly through their vast networks. Having access to a firm’s candidate pipeline will allow for the most effective and efficient hiring when your company needs it most. Furthermore, it will save your hiring team from having to waste time and money posting job positions, searching for candidates online and training individuals who may not be the right fit for your staffing needs. This is crucial for finding candidates quickly so your company’s internal hiring team can focus on other responsibilities, such as training or onboarding.

Improved hiring outcomes

With the employment landscape changing so rapidly, staffing firms committed to referencing data-driven analytics in their recruiting process are best positioned to help your company make the most optimal hiring decisions. There are many analytics models recruiting firms can use to ensure that the right talent is being sourced, and most importantly, that the hiring process is being implemented in the best interest of both your company and candidates. By closely evaluating past hiring outcomes through analytics, strategic recruiting decisions can be made.

By partnering with a staffing firm that invests in top-of-the-line recruiting technology, you can propel your company to further success by attracting and retaining the highest quality talent. Keeping the above factors in mind when enlisting the help of a staffing firm will help you improve your company’s talent development efforts for the long haul.

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